Simply put:  Furniture King offers the highest-quality furniture, accessories, and products at the absolute lowest prices available anywhere…

and we mean anywhere.

Founded in Australia in 2020, Furniture King offers an incredible array of stunning pieces that will thrill your eye, complete a room, and potentially save you thousands of dollars – all while offering the most exceptional customer service before and after each sale.  From comfy recliners to modern office desks,  elegant dining rooms to chic outdoor furniture, or opulent bedroom sets to one-of-a-kind accent pieces – Furniture King connects Australia to luxury quality furniture at tremendously discounted prices.

Our core values center around integrity, honesty, and transparency – and we believe our commitment to ethical business practices show in our prices.  Unlike other “discount” furniture stores, Furniture King doesn’t mark prices up or fictitiously inflate value only to give the illusion of a discount.  We work hard to negotiate phenomenally low prices with our strategic partners and pass the saving directly onto our customers – simple as that.  No games.  No dishonesty.  Just high-quality furniture at a fair price.

It really is that simple.


When it comes to home living, we focus our efforts on authentic products. In fact, our products are created entirely by experts with a passion.

In a bid to establish the Furniture King brand as a furniture authority all throughout Australia, we have fully committed ourselves to conducting our business ethically and with distinct professionalism.

We’re confident that, with us, you’ll receive value in excess of your money, because quality stands at the front and center of everything we do. 

We inspect all our products to ensure that they conform both to our strict internal quality controls and with our customers’ expectations of excellence.

We stock over 5000+ products for all home styles. In catering to all markets, we adopt a customer-centric approach to achieve the highest practicable degree of satisfaction.

We’re proud of what we do and are grateful to those who allow us to do it with success.


At Furniture King, we practice fair pricing.

What does fair pricing mean? Simply put, it means that we will always offer the best prices for all our products.

This is important to note because of a certain, underhanded practice that unfortunately is rampant in the furniture industry. Some major players in the industry (across Australia) like to mark-up their product by as much as 10x their actual cost, then lower these prices for sales.

We do not do this. We will never do this.

We guarantee and promise you that we will fairly price our products from the beginning. To make this possible, we deal directly with our suppliers, and in turn, sell directly to you.

That’s the way it should be… and with us, that’s the way it is.

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